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Ky-Ree Warrior by Moerin-Satsuki Ky-Ree Warrior by Moerin-Satsuki
So I have a huge amount of fantasy universe stuff uploaded, and for some reason decided to try out some original sci-fi stuff too.  So, um, hey, here's my own original sci-fi race.

The Ky-Ree are, simply put, a race of warriors.  Their culture is so defined by warfare that their chief religious text is roughly one-quarter holy scriptures, three-quarters a treatise on tactics and strategy.  They are not a barbaric race of raiders and ruffians, mind you; they embody the "cultured warrior" archetype.  They approach the subject of warfare philosophically and are rather interested in the cultures of other races; most notably, they love human culture, due to how war is a common fixture in it as well as how a large part of our history involves warfare.  Out of all the alien races yet discovered, the Ky-Ree are the most likely to ally with humans, and the two races are on arguably good terms... Kind of.  Due to the natures of both races, they have been known to come to blows at times, and have been engaged in all-out war at least once since they first made contact.

War isn't the only thing the Ky-Ree care for, even if they seem to be able to link any conversation to it almost seamlessly.  Ky-Ree ambassadors (who are still enlisted military officers) can often be heard rather passionately discussing the artwork, literature and philosophies of the races they meet, and not in an ignorant way either; as stated a few times already, the Ky-Ree are cultured, and are genuinely passionate about the cultures of other races.  What I'm basically trying to hammer in here is that they are cultured warriors.  Even in times of war, unless their opponent is truly despicable they will treat them with the utmost respect and honour.  Due to their emphasis on culture and honour, even and especially in regards to war, the Ky-Ree look down upon anyone who would treat their soldiers as expendable; to them, each and every soldier is a valuable resource, and must be treated with respect and dignity.

Despite ruling one of the largest interstellar empires in the galaxy, the Ky-Ree were originally a race of slaves to a now unknown civilization.  Thousands of years ago, however, they rebelled, and as they pursued their enslavers from their homeworld and out into space, they got a little carried away and ended up conquering the worlds that would become the center of the Ky-Ree Empire before the initial thrust had lost steam.  This became known as the first great crusade, and over the millenia as they made more advances in weaponry and interstellar travel many more crusades have taken place, conquering world after world into the empire.

The center of the empire is the Ky-Ree homeworld, Vhalk, an Earth-like planet from which their high command issues new orders and assignments to the innumerable Ky-Ree warriors spread throughout the galaxy.  No human has ever set foot on Vhalk (then again, no Ky-Ree has ever set foot on Earth either), and so they only know about it from what they have been told and shown by Ky-Ree ambassadors, but in terms of geographical makeup it does indeed seem rather similar to the cradle of humanity.  This probably goes a long way to explaining why both humans and Ky-Ree have so many similarities.

Physically, Ky-Ree are rather similar to humans, enough so that they are capable of producing viable (albeit sterile) offspring together.  Their most obvious differences are their green skintone and unusual (from a human perspective) hair colours, although they also only have four digits on both their hands and feet, and their pointed ears have led to humans jokingly calling them "elves", although whether this is intended to be good humoured or derogatory varies from human to human.  On average, they are usually shorter than humans, and their average lifespan is about the same length.

Pictured here is a generic Ky-Ree warrior.  As seen on the left, Ky-Ree fashion is rather simple and plain, as they believe clothing should be practical and shouldn't get in the way.  On the right, she is seen clad in Ky-Ree power armour, which is standard issue amongst the Ky-Ree military; it provides a good deal of protection as well as boosting the physical capabilities of the wearer somewhat.  On the bottom right is the helmet that goes with the armour, and at the top right is the standard issue Ky-Ree pulse blaster, which has been codenamed "Tyrfing" by the Altair-Kitsune Corporation of Earth.  It is a rather powerful weapon for a standard firearm, and the energy bolt it fires out can easily punch a hole clean through the chest of any human who was stupid enough to run onto a battlefield without any armour.

And, um... I am babbling. ^^; But yeah, I made them a bit similar to humans since I felt that the first alien race I did should probably be something simple like that.  Might design a weirder one at some point later but we'll see how that turns out.

Original lineart and base colours by me, lineart fixups by :iconwhitepulse43:.  Also, whilst I had initially intended for this to just be a generic Ky-Ree, I have grown attached to her design.  Thus, she will be named Cruizu-Ye.
RainehDaze Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, they seem interesting enough.

Cute for four-fingered green space-elf warriors, though, if that's 'typical'. :p
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